Sudan Independent Film Festival

5th Edition Screenings Schedule

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Venue Jan. 22 Jan. 23 Jan. 24 Jan. 25 Jan. 26
Sudan Film Factory Photocop Sudanese Cinema Wajib Arab Cinema 1 The Journey
British Council Ghosts Hunting Mimosa World Cinema 1 Felicite More
Goethe Institute The Best of All worlds Withered Green Taste of Cement World Cinema 2 Arab Cinema 2
French Institute Felicite
House of Heritage Little Eagles Those Who Remain Mother, I'm Joseph Mimosa World Cinema 2
DAL Cultural Forum Pimamar Only Men Go To Grave Short Documentaries Sudanese Cinema Little Eagles
Comboni College I Am Not A Witch White Potion Arab Cinema 1 World Cinema 1 Ghosts Hunting
Coptic Club Wajib Egyptian Jeanne d'Arc Photocopy Arab Cinema 2 The Best of All worlds

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Sudan Independent Film Festival