Sudan Independent Film Festival

Film submissions for SIFF sixth edition 2019

By submitting your films; you are accepting all the rules and regulations listed bellow, please check it carefully to insure that it fits your contribution.

Rules and regulations

20 September 2018 – Call for Film Submissions in all categories.
5 November 2018 – Last day for accepting film submissions.
Applications are open for short and long films, fiction and non-fiction, and animation, from around the world to participate in the official program of Sudan Independent Film Festival:

  • Long fiction film – longer than 60 minutes
  • Long non-fiction film – longer than 52 minutes
  • Short fiction – no longer than 30 minutes
  • Short non-fiction – no longer than 45 minutes
  • The film should have been produced after January 1st 2017
  • The film should not have been screened in another film festival in Sudan, on TV or on the web before screening it in the Festival.
  • When applying for a film in-production, this should be clearly stated in the application, with an indication to the film’s final title.
  • Applicants are responsible for all shipping fees (preferably through express freight companies to ensure timely delivery). Alternatively, applicants may coordinate with the Festival committee to upload high quality e-copies of the final products to YouTube, Vimeo or Wetransfer or DropBox so far as they are password protected. Applicants may also coordinate with the Festival committee to hand-deliver copies to the Festival’s representatives if available in the applicant’s country of residence.
  • For sending copies via shipping companies; please use the follwing details:
    Sudan Film Factory, House 10, Block 11, Amarat, Khartoum, Sudan | Cell Phone: 00249115953203
  • The Festival is not responsible for returning submitted material.
Program Committee and Selection Process
The Festival Program Committee will review all submissions and select accepted entries for prizes and screenings. The committee will be assisted by young Sudanese film makers to make the final selections.
Selected Films
The Program Committee will select films to its discretion for the contents, official program and special screenings.
The Program Committee will schedule each film a maximum of two screenings. Selection of the screening dates and order will be at the committee’s discretion.
After selection of a film, the sender or filmmaker may not withdraw it or screen it to the effect of the rules and regulations stipulated by the SIFF 2016 application.
Screening Copies
  • The film submitted for screening should be sent in one of following formats: Quicktime- H.264 ، Pro Res or mov. or DVD or BluRay
  • All Arabic films should contain English subtitles. All non-English and non-Arabic films should be screened in the original language with English (or Arabic if possible) subtitles.
  • Selected films should be accompanied with all promotional material, including a high resolution trailer which the Festival retains the right to use for promotional means through the internet or traditional media at its discretion.
  • Screening copy should be in an excellent state. The Festival retains the right to refuse a bad copy. The applicant is then required to re-send a higher quality copy, otherwise the film will be removed from the Program without any responsibilities
  • Films will not be edited, censored or changed in any way by the Festival under any circumstances. If the Committee finds the film inappropriate for screening in Sudan, it will refrain from selecting the film for the Festival screenings.
Accepting the Terms
  • Applying to the Festival stipulates accepting all rules and regulations of the Festival.
  • The applicant testifies to owning all rights to the film and its materials, and that he or she has the right to submit the film to the Festival. In case the applicant is not in compliance with these terms, the Festival retains the right to withdraw the submission and film at its discretion.
  • The applicant affirms that the Festival is not responsible for any damage or loss of any nature regarding the submission, acceptance, screening or presenting related content. The applicant affirms to not holding the Festival legally responsible or request compensation for any damages or losses for submitting or getting accepted or screening or promoting the film.

For any questions or concerns, please email us your query at Kindly mention the name of your film in every correspondence.

Film Submition Applicaation

Please upload: 1- Director's photo 2- Film poster. 3- Two video frames.

Sudan Independent Film Festival