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The sixth edition of Sudan Independent Film Festival is the gateway to welcoming Sudanese cinema. This edition celebrates a new Sudan and the return of a new dawn of Sudanese cinema, in parallel with the merits of the extended struggles and strife, painting the face of the revolution that is our people, in that glorious December.
This edition of Sudan Independent Film Festival is dedicated in gratitude to all the souls that have turned into stars, leading the way for Sudanese women and men on the path to an honorable and emancipated life...and to all the Sudanese artists who faced difficulties while practicing their art and documenting life in the most difficult and darkest moment of our nation's contemporary history, and for freedom fighters the world over.
The message behind SIFF 2020 is to celebrate the new footprint of the Sudanese cinema movement, which has taken off, all thanks to every person who added a detail or an idea in any form of the arts, alongside those who helped us discover ourselves, one way or the other, as a nation and as individuals and those who contributed to us realizing our collective and personal identity.

Why January 21 ?

About Hussein Shariffe
Sudan Film Factory inspires the career and memory of the Sudanese intellectual and artist Hussein Shariffe to enhance and relocate the cinematic culture in Sudan, with regard to the essential contributions of Shariffe in direction, writing, poetry translation, journalism, drawing, painting, and bridging the gaps between the different cultures throughout his life, which extended from 1934 to January 21, 2005.
We think about Hussein Shariffe as one of the greatest contributors in the march of the Sudanese culture and art not only through his whole films, the number of his pictures or the series of his journalistic and creative writings, but also through the exceptional meanings inherent in his unique style, which links his life with his creative works.
Sudan Film Factory decides to launch the Sudan Festival for Independent Cinema in January 21 every year to transform the memory of Shariffe to a celebration for the cinema, to which he devoted his whole life, and which it was one of his means to express his social and individual reality.
So, we hope this festival will adopt the human and artistic values, to which the experiment of Hussein Shariffe based on.

Paint: Emad Abdalla

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