Sudan Independent Film Festival

Black Elephant Award
For the best Sudanese film

Black Elephant Award

For the fourth year in a row, Sudan Independent Film Festival, and in honor of the soul of our great Sudanese filmmaker Hussein Shariffe, will award the best Sudanese film with the "Black Elephant Award".
The theme of the 5th edition of the festival will be centered around the year "1968".
About the "Elephant"
The black elephant is hailed as the most sharp and powerful creature in his kingdom - A mighty sovereignty he assumes with humility. By nature the elephant carries itself with elegant peacefulness and calmness with a memory stronger than steel.
He treks slowly step by step, patiently migrating long distances in never forgotten paths.
Along his journey, he paves the road with his feet and breaks obstacles and barriers in his way to open the path for himself, and for the smaller creatures that may follow along behind him.
Constantly hunted for his valuable ivory, the elephant remains, withstanding the test of time and fighting against extinction.

Black Elephant Jury

Ahmed Elhaj

Dr. Ahmed Al Haj (Jury Leader)

A Sudanese academic and screenwriter, holds many degrees in Higher Education in film, television and drama studies from the UK. He has produced numerous documentaries, worked as a producer, editor-in-chief, college dean, and university professor.
He has held leadership positions in a number of media organizations in the Middle East and the UK and currently serves as Director of the Global Conference Center.

للي كوبلر

Lilli Kobler

the current director of the Goethe-Institut Sudan. Born in Germany, she grew up in various countries in the Middle East and India.
After gaining her masters in cultural anthropology, psychology and Arabic language in Berlin, she joined the Goethe-Institut and has worked for the German cultural center in Egypt, Sudan, South Africa and at the headquarters in Munich before

عماد مبروك

Emad Mabrouk

An Egyptian director and filmmaker. He works as a director, cultural programmer and designer of musical performances in Egypt.
He participated in many international festivals such as Clermont Ferrand, Malmo and others.
Emad Mabrouk works as a trainer and lecturer in the low-cost film industry and has presented several training workshops in Sudan, Uganda, Yemen and Egypt.

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